My name is Frank Grasso and I have written over 400 Lyrics for songs and 50+ musical compositions.

I can also provide:

  • Rough drafts for musicals and plays that contain songs for each one.
  • Material for stand-up comedy, sit-coms, commercials, and children's music.
  • Assistance in arranging movie scores.
  • Help in writing and preparing a song for that special someone or for any occasion.
  • Prepared speeches for any occasion.
  • Solo acts, musicians, and band available for hire.
  • Affordable Ghostwriting services.

Songs For Tim Mcgraw is in no way affiliated with Curb Records or Tim Mcgraw himself.
The purpose of this site is to showcase selected songs that I have written recently.
I feel that these songs would be great for Tim Mcgraw to record,
and my ultimate goal is for these songs to be taken into consideration by him or his staff.